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She’s easy on the eyes
Not easy with most men
She’s easy on the touch
The softest kiss and brush
She sure ain’t no cliche

She’s different every day

She’s easy on the ears
Makes everything seem clear
She’s easy on my soul
Easy like pure spun gold
Now easy baby ease
I like it when you tease

It used to be so easy to go my own sweet way
When it was cool and breezy, shoot some pool, guitar to play
But when I met my baby, I threw away my yo-yo
Those black leather nights man talk about tight

She’s easy on my mind
She’s easy on my bed
She’s easy when it counts
Secrets that I found out
And when that moment comes
Two honeybees just hum

She’s easy on dance floors
She’ll make you want some more
She’s good with pick-up sticks
And she can do card tricks
Sings like a nightingale
Don’t mind I’ve been in jail


It’s easy, ease, ease, ease
You know she aims to please
She likes to see Shakespeare
But she’ll drink one cold beer
She’s easy as can be
She’s easy, easily

© 2005 - David Shapireau